Michael Orlando Services:Privacy policy

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This Privacy Policy identifies and describes the way Michael Orlando Technologies uses and protects the information we collect about Customers and Users. All use of Michael Orlando Technologies products and services, as well as visits to our websites are subject to this Privacy Policy. The Information We Collect, How We Collect It, And How We Use It We may collect different types of personal and other information based on your use of our products and services and our business relationship with you. Some examples include:

Contact Information that allows us to communicate with you including:

       your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address; Billing information related 
       to your financial relationship with us -- 
       including your payment data, credit history, credit card number, Social 
       Security numbers, security codes, and service history; Equipment, Performance,
       Michael Orlando Technologies Website Usage, Viewing 
       and other Technical Information about your use of our network, services, 
       products or websites.

We collect information in three primary ways including:

       You give it to us when you purchase or interact with us about a product 
       or service we offer or provide.
       We collect it automatically when you visit our websites or use our products 
       and services.
       We obtain it from other sources, such as credit agencies.

We may use the information we collect in a variety of ways including to:

       Provide you with the best customer experience possible.
       Provide the services you purchase, and to respond to your questions.
       Communicate with you regarding service updates, offers, and promotions. 
       Deliver customized content and advertising that may be of interest to 
       Address network integrity and security issues.
       Investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities, violations 
       of our Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policies; and
       Provide local directory and directory assistance.

Location Information:

       We monitor, collect and use your wireless location information, as well 
       as other information obtained from our network and your device, to provide 
       you with services, and to maintain and improve our network.
       You can use your wireless device to obtain a wide array of services based 
       on the approximate location of the device, referred to as Location-Based 
       Services,. The information you receive in connection with your use may 
       include advertisements related to your request and your location.
       When you use Michael Orlando Technologies, you will receive prior notice 
       and must give your consent before your location is used or shared. The 
       form of consent will be suited to the type of Michael Orlando Technologies 
       you utilize. When you use non-Michael Orlando Technologies, the terms of 
       service and privacy policies of the non-Michael Orlando Technologies provider will 

Online Activity Tracking and Advertising:

       We collect information about your activity on Michael Orlando Technologies 
       websites for a number of purposes using technologies such as cookies, 
       Flash cookies, Web beacons, widgets and server log files.
       We and our non-Michael Orlando Technologies advertising partners use that 
       information, as well as other information they have or we may have, to 
       help tailor the ads you see on our sites and to help make decisions about 
       ads you see on other sites. 

Information Sharing:

       With Michael Orlando Technologies Companies: Subject to applicable legal 
       restrictions, such as those that exist for Customer Proprietary Network 
       Information (CPNI), the Michael Orlando Technologies companies may share 
       your Personal Information with each other to make sure your experience 
       is as seamless as possible, and you have the full benefit of what Michael 
       Orlando Technologies has to offer.

With Non-Michael Orlando Technologies Companies:

       We share your Personal Information only with non-Michael Orlando Technologies 
       companies that perform services on our behalf, and only as necessary for them to perform 
       those service We require those non-Michael Orlando Technologies companies to protect 
       any Personal Information they may receive in a manner consistent with 
       this policy.

We do not provide Personal Information to non-Michael Orlando Technologies companies for the marketing of their own products and services without your consent.

Responding to 911 calls and other emergencies:

       Complying with court orders and other legal process.
       To assist with identity verification, and to prevent fraud and identity 
       Enforcing our agreements and property rights; and 
       Obtaining payment for products and services that appear on your Michael 
       Orlando Technologies billing statements, including the transfer or sale 
       of delinquent accounts to third parties for collection Anonymous & Aggregate Information
       We collect some information on an anonymous basis. We also may purge 
       the personal information we collect about you. 
       We obtain aggregate data by combining anonymous data that meet certain 
       criteria into groups. 
       When we employ non-Michael Orlando Technologies companies to purge 
       or aggregate data on our behalf, the requirements for sharing Personal 
       Information with non-Michael Orlando Technologies companies apply.
       We may share aggregate or anonymous information in various formats with 
       trusted non-Michael Orlando Technologies entities, and may work with those 
       entities to do research and provide products and services.