Residential Services

From Michael Orlando Services

PC/Laptop services

Onsite troubleshooting and repair services, Battery backups, CD/DVD Reader or Burner, Complete System
software and hardware upgrades, Display, Docking Station, Hard Drive, main board,
Internet Connectivity, Keyboard/Mouse, Memory, Data Transfers, General Repairs

Computer Peripheral

Backup Storage, Display External, CD/DVD Reader or Burner,
External Storage (Hard Drive/Flash Drive), Keyboard/Mouse, Projector
Scanner, Video Camera, Digital Camera, Web Cam

Consumer Electronics

Alarm Systems, Closed Circuit TV, Home Audio/Speakers
Home Theater, iPod/iTunes/MP3 Players Mobile Device
PDA, Plasma/Flat Panel TV, (on wall) Plasma/Flat Panel TV (table top)
Projector, Tivo/DVR/Satellite/Cable Video Camera/Digital Camera
Video Gaming Systems

Structured Cabling & Wiring

Firewall, Dropped Ceiling, Raised Floor, In Wall(Not visible)
Outdoor, Visible/Not In Wall, Underground, FOR: Telephone, Network, Audio, Video, CCTV
TYPES: cat3, cat5, cat5E, cat6, cat6A, fiber optic, RG6, RG59, Siamese, 18/2LV
OHTER SERVICES: Re-Certify your existing network. Results are presents in PDF format w/ graphics.


Cable/DSL, Modem, Dialup Modem, Firewall/Security,
Network Card, Network Card (wireless,) Network Connectivity,
Router, Switch/Hub, VPN,
Wireless Router/Network

Point of Sale

Bar Code Scanner, Card Swipe/Signature Capture, Complete System
Digital Signage, Hard Drive, Key Pad
Kiosk, Network Connectivity, Receipt Printer
Register, Touch Screen


Dot Matrix, Inkjet Laser: Black & White,
Laser: Color, Laser: High Output Line Printer,
Multifunction, (Printer/Copier/Fax), Network Connectivity, Thermal Printers


Alarm Systems, Closed Circuit TV, Firewall,
Hardware, Software, VPN


Backup Drives, Complete System CPU,
Expansion Cards, External Storage (NAS), Hard Drive
Memory, Network Connectivity, Server Rack/Cabinet,
Storage, Network (SAN), UPS, (Power Supply Backup)


Adware/Spyware/Virus Removal, Backup Database,
Email, Graphics, Internet Connectivity,
Office/Productivity, Operating System, Security/VPN/Firewall,


Complete System, Hardware/Router, Network Connectivity,
Phones/Terminals, Software